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Artist Heather Wilkerson, aka “H”,is an Atlanta artist whose work is inspired by God, life, people, places, situations, tragedies, triumphs, and her own life experiences.
Currently, she is creating a collection of art called “The Heart of the Lioness.” This new journey of art began unexpectedly in the studio, as she really unleashed an idea about love. The possibilities in this line are endless, and she hopes you will be able to relate to this concept of art and make a connection through the spirit of this deeply meaningful growing body of work.
As Heather likes to say, “Art makes me possible and I paint life into my paintings by creating what is in my heart.”


Heather Wilkerson was born in Dayton, Ohio. She moved to Atlanta, GA at the age of 3 with her family. Mom and Dad, Ron and Susan Wilkerson, and her three brothers Ronny, Scott, and Mathew. As a young child, Heather embraced the creative side of her personality through self- expression, whether it was through her clothes or her hairstyle. She discovered early-on that she had a deep passion and appreciation for the arts and she expanded that self-expression through dance. H studied dance from a very young age until early adulthood. All through her life H has painted but it wasn’t until later in life that she was discovered by her father Ron Wilkerson with her art. Today, Ron Wilkerson is Heather’s business manager and travels the art journey and roads with her.
H also has a six year old dog named Bella Ann Wilkerson, of whom she simply adores.


Heather loves using her talents to help others. She knows the soothing power of art for those undergoing painful medical procedures in their fight against cancer. She has devoted much of her energy to help raise money to fight this terrible disease. She works with charities that use her art to raise money for research.

“From my soul to the brush, into the paint, I live”. This Art Gallery is the story about Heather’s life, through art.



about-hMaking art is my way of communication; it helps me say all the things I cannot say, it helps me understand reality, and pushes me to escape reality all in the same breathe. I am known for creating art to music, and painting live with bands, expressing how the music makes me feel and the overall vibe of the performance itself. I can feel and see colors in music which transport me in creation. I also create work without music, and then I am relying on only my instinctive or intuitive feeling with nothing else to provoke emotion.

My subject matters vary as I create art. God, Life, people, places, situations, tragedies, triumphs, and life experiences inspire my work. I try and capture the spirit of the subject with spontaneous colors and my emotions in the studio. I don’t plan out my palette choice, or sit and ponder how a painting will shape up. I paint what I am feeling, in the moment, and I am completely consumed in creation of the subject.

My work is all a representation of raw and pure emotion of what I am inspired by and or experiencing in life. My hopes are the viewer will be motivated to find their own creative impulse, and will be able to discover their own meaning through the spirit of my painting.