Terms of Service

Commission Artist H- Heather Wilkerson
Commission H to paint something special for you and your family, H creates soulful and colorful works that are mostly abstraction, with a little realism. Meaning you can tell what the subject is, but it will be created with vibrant colors, she uses a lot of imagination in her works. Please check out her gallery to see her style of art.
H simply needs a photo of whatever image you would like to be recreated. If it’s a picture of your dog, your friend, or a portrait of yourself, she can recreate anything you want painted in her style and you can simply email her the photo at

How long does it take to create a painting?
Depending on the waitlist of commission work ahead of you, and the complexity of your painting, the deadline will be determined as soon as the commission is confirmed.

How much does it cost?
H paints on standard size canvas and charges $1.00 a square inch for one subject on a painting and $1.25 for more than one subject on a painting.
Standard sizes for one subject paintings
16×20 =320.00 + tax and shipping
18×24=432.00 + tax and shipping
24×36=864.00 + tax and shipping
36×48=1728.00 + tax and shipping

Standard Sizes for two subjects in one painting.
16×20 =400.00 + tax and shipping
18×24 =540.00 + tax and shipping
24×36 =1080.00 + tax and shipping
36×48 =2160.00 + tax and shipping
If you would like a custom size, H can do that for you and the $1.00 for one subject and $1.25 for two subjects would apply to which ever size you choose.
Tax and shipping will be determined per client depending on where you live and will be given to you in a contract or invoice before H starts your painting.

– Displayed base prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, size and medium of each individual piece.

– Additional characters in an image are subject to additional fees. Pricing will depend on the commission type, character complexity, and request details.

H requires a 50% down retainer before creating the work that is nonrefundable.
If you have special request on payment, H will be glad to work with you. She does offer a 90 days same as cash and takes credit, cash, check, PayPal, or square payments.
After the retainer is received a date will be given to when H will be creating your work and you will get progress reports as the art is being created through email.
Depending on how you choose to pay the rest of the payment will be determined on each client individually.

Image Rights

– The Artist retains all of the rights to the commissioned artwork, including the right to make prints and merchandise as well as promote the Artist’s services.
– The Client may not make prints of the artwork or profit from the artwork.
– The Artist reserves the right to display the commission.