Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel by artist H

24×48 oil painting on canvas

In a world of so much pain and darkness, I created a hauntingly beautiful angel acknowledging that she can feel the pain we all struggle with in this life. The grounds I put down create an effect that her body is scarred. Her wings are strong, rich in color, and a powerful expressive symbolism that God covers and protects all the things he has created on earth.

I believe God gave us angels and they are all around us protecting us, guiding us, and helping us heal.

The painting shows an angel walking towards Heavens open door. I imagine this to be something so beautiful your heart stands still when you look at it. I merely painted my interpretation of it. In the clouds you can see a heart shape, and also two clouds that almost look like they are kissing. I did not create the clouds to look like they were kissing on purpose, it’s something that magically happened in the creation of this piece and it reminds me that, in life it really all comes down to love and loving others the way God and the angels love us.

Thank you for taking time to view my current work “Guardian Angel.” No matter what your beliefs are I hope that you can feel the power of love in my work.

Love in life and art,

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