See what others say about H

From the first time I saw H’s work I saw here ability to capture “The Moment” whether it was the slight quirk of a smile or the tilt of a head she captures the feelings that we hold dear for a lifetime. She has not only found a home with here style color and her imagination on my walls but truly added happiness to my life through her art. I have purchased art from H twice now and have been more than pleased with her professionalism and work ethic. If you are looking to add that special piece to your collection, look no further. When you purchase art from H you are in for a treat, not only do you end up getting a great piece of art, you get to meet someone who is truly inspiring to ones soul and spirit. Don’t miss the chance to receive the gift of her work.
– SA Bates

Sharing the stage with Heather was an absolute joy! Her visual art was highly representative of who I am as an artist. Having her on stage with me inspired my music, and the audience couldn’t help but pick up on our chemistry. She’s such a talented artist, and she’s one sweet gal!
– The Georgia Songbird EG Kight

Heather is courageous and free spirited and her work reflects the energy of the live music – it’s a great addition to the musical performance!
– Michelle Malone

We’ve enjoyed working with Heather. She’s such a talented, professional and insightful artist.
– Montana Skies

Heather’s art creations–some of the coolest and most innovative work I’ve seen.
– Crescent Moon Media – Jacob Lassiter

When I see Heather Wilkerson’s work I think of a very large collision of creativity, music, and unleashed energy sealed with love.
– Paint Out Loud Artist, Neal Hamilton

Heather spots trends and comes up with cutting edge ideas. Very innovative.
– Christian Chabot

Heather is obviously beautiful, talented and classy with extremely tasteful eye and ear for all things artful. Especially her own work.
– Sammy Blue

Heather is a great talent!! Very passionate about art and life there should be more like her…
– Jason Galvão

New Fashioned Folk Art with Musical Influence.
– Jason Spencer

Heather takes the beauty and bravery of her unique spirit and moves and stirs wonderful change and lives.
– Sherrie Williams

Look up AWESOME in the dictionary and you will find Heather’s picture. Beauty, Discipline, Artistic Ability and Great taste in MUSIC.
– Michael Peasall

Heather is one of the most unique artistic, and free spirited person we have had the pleasure of working with.
– BlueBilly Grit

Creating art from music, is a wonderful concept.
– Gypsy Piano Blues

Rarely if ever have I seen anyone combine music and visual art to such amazing effect as Heather does. A truly unique and vibrant talent!
– Matt G Leger

Heather is incredibly passionate, a true inspiration.
– Kelly Kennedy Roberts

Heather is an amazingly imaginative, diligent, and articulate artistic personality. Impresses me over and over again.
– Gregory Gunn

Heather is a very exciting creative, I can’t wait to see what she does in the future!
– Davis Palmour

Heather is one of the most genuine and inspiring people i know.
Singer/ songwriter – Vince Zangaro

Heather is a born leader who can inspire people to rally behind a cause and really make a difference.
– Carol Williams

Heather has a great sense of style and panache; she’s very creative!
– Teresa Powell

A highly talented artist with a very unique concept. Music paints pictures, all musicians know this. She has taken it to the canvas.
– Lorne Hemmerling

Three words: total rock star!
– Davis Palmour

As much as she captures the spirit of the shows, it’s her personality that shines in her paintings the most. It was great having her onstage!
– Paul Melançon

H is the rock star of live painting. She’s fun to watch and we were mesmerized, wondering what she would choose to do next, and where it would all lead by the time the show was over. Her work is living, vibrant, energized, just as she is! I can’t help but to feel a sense of purpose and of empowerment when I take the time to engage with her art.
– Jennifer Daniels